Event - different types of actions executed by users. PeerClick tracks the following types of events: visits, clicks, conversions.

Visits are recorded when a user clicks the campaign URL linked to your advertisement and is redirected to your landing page or offer.

Clicks are registered when a user clicks the CTA (Call to Action) button on a landing page and is then redirected to an offer.

S2S (Server-to-Server) Postback is the way to exchange information between servers via postback URL to pass information about conversions to PeerClick.

PeerŠ”lick can receive postbacks from affiliate networks (or from any other platform) and send postbacks to a traffic source (or to any other platform).

Click ID (cid, click identifier) - a unique click value assigned in the tracker. Required to track registered events.

Web-site protection - the functionality to hide the content of your landing page / offer from bots, moderators and advertising networks.

Profit is net income of a campaign. Profit is a Revenue minus Cost.

Conversion is a desired action performed by a user. There are different types of conversions:

Lead - a user registration or a registration request.

Sale - a user payment for the service or the product.

Rebill - a user repayment for the service or the product.

Reject - an offer declined either by a user or an affiliate network.

CR - conversion rate - the percentage of clicks that resulted in a conversion
(conversions / clicks * 100%).

EPC - earnings per click - the amount received for a click on your ad (revenue / clicks).

CPV - cost per visit (cost / visits).

CPV - cost per click (cost / clicks).

CPM - cost per mille (thousand visits).

CPA - cost per conversion.

RevShare - the cost model which is calculated as a percentage of a conversion revenue.

LP CTR - landing page click-through rate (clicks / visits * 100%).

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