Creating an Affiliate Panel Campaign
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The last step of the setup is to create a campaign. At this step, you can set up traffic distribution rules, set the necessary criteria for traffic and describe the offer that will be displayed in the Affiliate’s account.

Go to the Campaigns tab and click on the New button.

When you choose a Traffic Source with a switched trigger For affiliate, the system will understand that this campaign is for the Affiliate panel.

Set up a campaign:

1. Choose a traffic source. The traffic source must be with the For affiliate trigger switched.

2. Give the name to the campaign, which will also be the name of the offer in the affiliate account.

3. Choose the country. This setting is used for informational purposes only.

4, 5. Choose a group or create a tag. It can be useful for structuring of your creatives.

6. Choose a payment model, enter the cost and payment currency.

7. Add the previously created offer to the campaign funnel.

8. Set up traffic distribution rules, if necessary.

9. Go on to Affiliate offer settings to set up the information that will be displayed in the user account.

  1. Add a preview URL.

  2. Select an offer category.

  3. Select accessible geo.

  4. Select accessible operating system.

  5. Select accessible devices.

  6. Select accessible traffic sources.

  7. Add a description.

8. Enter the average CR for the offer.

9. Enter the average EPC of the offer.

10. Upload an image to preview the offer.

Don’t forget to click Create a campaign button, which is located in the lower right corner.

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