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Initialization an Object with the Tracking Pixel

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To initialize an object with a tracking pixel, enable the corresponding function in the additional campaign settings.

After setting the tracking pixel on the required page when calling the pixel (by going to the page with the pixel installed according to the standard case or by execution the condition for calling the pixel if the standard installation case is customized), JavaScript initializes a PeerclickTrk object of the following format:

document.PeerclickTrk = {

"cid": "*",

"datapc": "*",

"lcpc": "*"


The object contains the following data:

  • cid - unique click ID generated by the tracker. A possible use case is the implementation of a postback to the tracker in any way possible. The implementation of sending the received cid data to a third-party platform remains with the user.

  • datapc and lcpc - data for redirecting from a landing page to an offer without using cookies. The datapc and lcpc data are passed to the redirect link (click URL) from the landing page to the offer, the landing page will contain redirect links to an offer of the following type:

    When using this type of redirect, you will not have access to functionality based on the use of cookies (smart rotation, determining the uniqueness of a visit).

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