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You can use a dedicated test domain or a custom domain as a tracking domain. The user domain allows you to monitor traffic regardless of the actions of other users, while the test domain is used by everyone and can be banned at any time.

There are a large number of services for buying your own domain. Each of them performs approximately the same setup steps.

Setting a custom domain on the provider side

Go to the custom domain provider and complete the following steps:

1. Buy your own domain, for example, .

2. Create a subdomain for the primary domain, for example, .

3. For the created subdomain, configure the CNAME record; specify the CNAME record as .

Cname record must be unproxied.

If your hosting allows you to specify a CNAME for the primary domain, you do not have to create a subdomain. Specify CNAME as .

4. (If available) Set a minimum lifetime (TTL) for the CNAME record - this will help the DNS settings propagate faster.

Setting a custom domain in PeerClick

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to the Domains section.

3. Click the Add Domain button. In the window that opens, specify your custom domain and save it.

4. Request an SSL certificate if necessary. How to get SSL.

5. Mark your domain as default. If you need to use the lander-to-offer URL to configure a campaign with lander or tracking pixels, check their settings on your side, as they should now use your custom domain.

6. To check whether you have parked the domain correctly, use any resource to check the CNAME record or go to the domain editing and select Index type.

  • Selecting Default in the settings and going to the domain address, you will see the inscription The domain is successfully added.

  • Selecting 404 Page Not Found in the settings and going to the domain address, you will see there is a corresponding error on the page.

  • Selecting Campaign redirect, specify the appropriate campaign in the field that appears. Going to the domain address, you will be redirected to the specified campaign.

These settings are used to redirect random clicks to the address of your domain.

You can also get similar validation results when using proxying. PeerClick does not recommend using proxy, as does not guarantee the correct tracker work.

7. When deleting a custom domain, specify another custom or test domain in the window that appears. All campaigns associated with the domain to be deleted will use the specified domain.

8. When you add a domain to your account, the domain is checked for CNAME record. If, when adding, the domain is highlighted in red and marked as invalid, make sure that you have correctly parked the domain according to step 6 of this article. Then click Verify DNS settings to revalidate the domain.

9. Go to the Campaigns section and go to the campaign editing in the Tracking section.

10. Select a custom domain as the campaign domain.

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