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Plan Options for a New User

When you sign in to PeerClick for the first time, you will be offered to choose a pricing plan to match your needs. There are custom plans available as well.

Please note that we work with an auto payment system: by choosing a tariff, you buy a subscription. At the beginning of each billing period, an invoice is issued according to the rates of the selected tariff, and an auto-debiting is made from the linked card.

If you do not want to pay for the next month for any reason, you should unsubscribe from the paid tariff before the start of the next payment period. To unsubscribe, see the section of this article below, Unsubscribe.

We do not provide refunds to the card for an already paid period. The subscription fee paid in advance for the current subscription period is non-refundable to the card if the client cancel the subscription earlier.

You will be redirected to the Invoice details tab after selecting your preferred plan. In this tab you need to provide details that will be used to generate a monthly invoice for you.

If the service is for your personal use only and you do not intend to use your payment confirmation for tax purposes, choose the Private option.

If you run a business and require the invoice with a company name listed, you should select the Business option. The VAT/TAX ID field in the Business tab must be filled out.

The Payment tab is a standard payment form where you need to provide your payment details. The following cards are accepted:


Master Card

American Express

Diners Club

Discover Card

Japan Credit Bureau


We do not store credit card information. Stripe payment platform is used for payment information processing. To learn more about Stripe payment platform, visit

Once you have submitted your card details the chosen plan will be activated and you will be directed to the confirmation page.

Upgrading Pricing Plan

You can change the plan in your account in Settings - Subscription.
Choose a plan that suits your needs. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window.

Please remember that you should have enough money on your card to pay for the upgrade.

The subscription will be denied if your card balance is lower than the sum required.

You can change your payment details by clicking Update.

Upon upgrade, the invoice will be calculated the following way:

  • Your balance or debt will be determined using the formula
    Δ= Р*((start - now)/(end - start)) - overage, where:
    P = price of the plan;
    Start = beginning of subscription;
    End = end of subscription;
    Now = current date;
    Δ = the difference in price upon upgrade.
    Δ is either debited from or credited to your account (it can be negative depending on your overage)

  • The subscription is created using the balance.
    If you do not have sufficient funds on the card linked to your account, the subscription will be denied.

  • After the upgrade is completed, changes will take effect immediately.

Overage Events

In case the number of recorded events in PeerClick exceeds your plan's event quota, you will be billed for overage events according to your plan's charges. The overage charges are applied to your invoice at the end of a billing cycle.

  • BASIC+ plan: Events exceeding 3,000,000 are charged at a rate of $0.05 per 1,000 events

  • ADVANCED plan: Events exceeding 10,000,000 are charged at a rate of $0.04 per 1,000 events

  • EXCLUSIVE plan: Events exceeding 30,000,000 are charged at a rate of $0.03 per 1,000 events

Long-term Subscription

PeerClick provides up to a 20% discount if you opt for a year subscription. You can pay for a one month subscription only through your account.

If you would like to choose a longer subscription period, please contact a support specialist.

PeerClick Referral Program

Join the PeerClick Referral Program and earn 7% lifetime commissions for each recommended user who signs up through the referral link. Your unique referral link to recommend PeerClick can be found within your account in Settings - Referral Program.

Registrations through the referral link will be associated with your PeerClick account where you will be able to track click-throughs and the number of registered referred users.


To cancel an existing subscription, go to Settings - Subscription and press the Manage subscription button.

The subscription fee paid in advance for the current subscription period is non-refundable if the client cancels the subscription earlier.

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