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PeerClick Parameters on the Lander (Dynamic Call-Outs)
PeerClick Parameters on the Lander (Dynamic Call-Outs)
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You can use a dynamic script with data defined by PeerClick, such as the device and location of the user. For example, you can insert a title, which, depending on the specific device, will look like "Hello, iPhone user!" or "Hello, Samsung user!"

The dynamic call-out script allows you to update the content of the page using the data that is assigned to everyone who visits it. In order for the data to be dynamically entered into the landing page, they must be transferred to the page by adding the necessary tokens to the lander URL.

  • To call the data on the landing page, add the parameter m1 to the corresponding token in the URL of your lander. Beside that use the domain parameter to pass information about the domain used in the campaign.

  • Add the following script to the lander code.
    The parameter in the code must match the parameters used in the lander the URL.

<html> <head> <script> function getURLParameter(name) { var query =; var vars = query.split("&"); for (var i=0;i<vars.length;i++) { var pair = vars[i].split("="); if(pair[0] === name){return pair[1];} } return ""; } </script> </head> <body> Hello <script>document.write(getURLParameter('m1'))</script> user, you just won! </body> </html>

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