Pixel Redirect URL is used if necessary to send the conversion back to the traffic source through a postback pixel. This solution is cookie-based, so cookies must be enabled for this feature to work in the browser. You can use this option as an alternative method for reporting conversions when the s2s postback link is not supported by the traffic source.

Pixel Redirect URL only works in conjunction with a postback pixel. Read more about Postback Pixel.

PeerClick provides two kinds of tracking pixels: IMG and JS. Linking with Pixel Redirect URL will work only with JS postback pixel.

An example of a JavaScript pixel obtained from a traffic source:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://trafficsourceexample.com/tr?id=123456&ev=lead&noscript=1"/>

The URL that should be generated for the Pixel Redirect URL field in the traffic source setting:


Setting Up Pixel Redirect URL

  • Go to the Sources section.

  • Select a source and click Edit.

  • Select setting Pixel Redirect URL.

  • Paste URL in the field as instructed above.

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