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Custom Affiliate Network Settings
Custom Affiliate Network Settings
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Affiliate network is a template for tracking parameters of offer links and postback links that can be applied to any offer. Customizable tracking options in a few clicks.

If you did not find the network you need in the list of trusted ones, you can create it yourself.

Creating an Affiliate Network

Go to the Aff.Networks section. Click the + New button.

An affiliate network setup window will open.

1. Click Create custom template.

2. Load from templates
Return to the previous window.

3. Affiliate network name
Set a name for your affiliate network.

4. Offer URL template
Set the tracking parameters that will be added to the offer link in the following way:


Use & (ampersand) to separate different parameters in an address.

5. Postback URL and Secure postback URL
A s2s link that is inserted into the appropriate settings section on the side of your affiliate network. By this link your affiliate network will send information that the tracker receives in the Logs - Input Postback Log section.

There can be 5 parameters in a Postback URL:

  • userid: PeerClick five-digit user ID. It is inserted into the postback link template automatically.

  • cid: transfer Click ID (unique click value assigned by the tracker) to PeerClick. The parameter is required to track registered events.

  • payout: transfer the amount of revenue per conversion (optional).

  • status: track various conversion statuses (optional).

  • txid: transmit a unique transaction ID for each conversion (optional).

Your postback URL should look like this:


6. Multi-users
Click on the field and in the window that appears add multi-users who will have access to the affiliate network. This setting is available only for accounts without workspaces.

Click Create affiliate network to complete the setup.

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