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Custom Affiliate Network Settings
Custom Affiliate Network Settings
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Affiliate network is a template for tracking parameters of offer links and postback links that can be applied to any offer. Customizable tracking options in a few clicks.

If you did not find the network you need in the list of trusted ones, you can create it yourself.

Creating an Affiliate Network

1. Go to the Aff.Networks section.

2. Click the + New button. An affiliate network setup window will open.

3. Click Create custom template.

4. Affiliate network name

Set a name for your affiliate network. This name is displayed in the table of statistics on offers in the Aff.Network column.

5. Workspace

If necessary, attach an offer to a public or private workspace. By default, the new offer will belong to the Initial private workspace.

6. Offer URL template

Set the tracking parameters that will be added to the offer link as follows:


The template uses {url} instead of the offer link. After ? add parameters as when setting up a standard offer link. Everything that is specified after ? will be added to the offer link when selecting this network template when creating/editing an offer.

Use & (ampersand) to separate different parameters in URL address.

! Specify in the Aff.Network parameter field a parameter responsible for receiving data about PeerClick clickid for conversion tracking. This parameter will be automatically added to the offer link template.

7. Parameters

1. Available PeerClick parameters. The Postback URL can have 6 parameters:

  • userid: PeerClick user's five-digit user ID. Automatically inserted into the postback link template.

  • cid: used to transfer Click ID to PeerClick. The parameter is required to track registered events.

  • status: used to track various conversion statuses (optional parameter).

  • payout: used to transfer the amount of income per conversion (optional parameter).

  • currency: used to transfer currency (optional parameter).

  • txid: used to pass a unique transaction ID for each conversion (optional parameter).

2. Match the affiliate macros with the listed PeerClick parameters in the Aff.Network macros column.

When adding an affiliate network’s macros to the fields of the Aff.Network macros, these macros will be automatically inserted into the postback link template in the Secure postback URL field. Your postback URL will look like this:


3. PeerClick macros responsible for transferring the relevant data. You can use these macros in any outgoing tracker link (offer, postback to a traffic source).

8. Secure postback URL

Postback link with PeerClick parameters and affiliate network macros. Copy this link to set up postback in the appropriate settings section on the side of your affiliate network.

9. Click Create affiliate network to complete the setup.

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