CPAHub Integration
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Step 1. Adding CPAHub as a Network in PeerClick

The first step is to add CPAHub as an Affiliate Network in PeerClick. Go to the Networks Tab in your PeerClick account and click New. Since CPAHub is already included in the PeerClick database, just Load from template and click Add. The data will be filled in automatically. Copy the postback URL and click Create an Affiliate Network.

Step 2. Setting up a Global Postback URL in CPAHub

Log into your CPAHub account and open the Account tab. Click on Setup Postback to add your postback Link.
Just paste the postback URL you made at Step 1 into the textbox and press save.

This is a global postback which means that it automatically applies to every offer you use from CPAHub.

Step 3. Obtaining offer URL in CPAhub

Go to the offers tab and select your desired offer. Scroll down and you'll see the TRACKING LINK tab. Press GENERATE and your Tracking URL is set to go.

Step 4. Creating an offer in PeerClick

Copy the Tracking link for you current offer and return to your PeerClick account. Go to Offers tab and click New. Fill in the relevant details, such as Payout and your desired Offer Name, paste your Tracking link into the URL field, choose CPAHub as Affiliate Network. Postback URL will be filled in automatically, and the {clickid} will be added to your Offer URL automatically, specify GEO and click Create an offer.

Please note that GEO is for reference only and not used for traffic filtering or distribution. All Traffic filtering and distribution settings are done in the Campaign rules tab.

Step 5. Сreate Campaign in PeerClick

1. Go to the Campaigns tab.

2. Click +New.

3. Give a name to your campaign in the Campaign name field.

4. From the Traffic source drop-down menu select the traffic source that you have previously created.

5. Select the cost model in the Cost type section. If you have selected to track costs with one of the four cost models (CPC, CPM, CPA, RevShare), you might need to provide the cost value in the Number of cost field. You can update the values you set at any moment using the Update cost function.

6. If you want to use a lander, click on + Add lander and choose from the drop-down menu.

7. Choose Direct linking if you don’t want to use a lander page.

8. Click + Offer to choose offers from the list.

Step 6. Launch Campaign

Copy your campaign link and create a campaign in your traffic source account.
Now you can launch campaigns using different targeting options, creatives, and analyse your data.

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