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Taboola Integration
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Step 1. Adding Taboola as a Traffic Source in Peerclick

To add Taboola in Peerclick open the Sources tab and click New. Load Taboola from the template and press Add. Available tracking macros will be automatically added to the Source.

Step 2. Creating a Campaign in PeerClick

When you start set up the campaign in the PeerClick you must already have prepared an offer, which u will add in the campaign.

Creating a Campaign in PeerClick

1. Go to the Campaigns tab.

2. Click +New.

3. Give a name to your campaign in the Campaign name field.

4. From the Traffic source drop-down menu select the traffic source that you have previously created.

5. Select the cost model in the Cost type section. If you have selected to track costs with one of the four cost models (CPC, CPM, CPA, RevShare), you might need to provide the cost value in the Number of cost field. You can update the values you set at any moment using the Update cost function.

6. If you want to use a lander, click on + Add lander and choose from the drop-down menu.

7. Choose Direct linking if you donโ€™t want to use a lander page.

8. Click + Offer to choose offers from the list.

Your Campaign URL will be generated at the Tracking section of the campaign automatically. Copy the link to clipboard. Here is the example of the link with the added tokens:

Step 3. Launching a Campaign in Taboola

In your Taboola account, go to the Campaign Management page and click +New Campaign.

When creating a new Campaign or editing an existing Campaign, you can add URL parameters at the bottom of the New Campaign/Edit Campaign page, in the Tracking Code section. URL parameters can be added at the campaign level. This means the URL parameters added will apply to every item in that specific campaign.

We recommend to skip this part and use Peerclick for generating your Campaign Tracking code, as all macros will be populated automatically and you won't need to insert them manually.

On the Campaign Inventory page, add Campaign URL that you have copied in Step 2 into Destination URL field.

Specific URL parameters cannot be added at both the individual URL level AND campaign level. For example, you cannot have "utm_source=cpc" added at the campaign level and "sub1=Taboola" appended to a URL in the campaign. This will cause the data to be incorrect.

Step 4. Creating S2S Postback in Taboola

In order to implement your Postback URL, do the following:

  1. Go to the Campaign Management page.

  2. In the Campaign page, go to the Tracking section at the bottom of the page.

  3. Create your Postback URL for tracking conversions. The postback URL is used to send conversion information back to Taboola, so you can track the number of conversions in Backstage. The postback URL format is:

  • CLICK_ID โ€“ Replace CLICK_ID with the {external_id} URL parameter for Peerclick. This is a dynamic field.

  • PARTNER_NAME โ€“ Replace PARTNER_NAME with your Taboola account ID. Your account ID is a 7-digit number that can be found in the URL when you log in to your Backstage account. For example, if you login and see, 1234567 is your account ID

In our example, your final Postback URL would look like this:

Step 5. Implementing S2S Postback in Peerclick

Return to your Peerclick account and open Taboola at sources. The modified Campaign URL from taboola needs to be inserted in the Postback field and mark the checkbox Enable postback . Dont forget to save that all.

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