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Update 05.10.2020
Update 05.10.2020

Changelog 05.10.2020

Updated over a week ago

- Added filter at the Conversions tab.

Additional filter for Conversions log and Clicks log.

  1. Go to the Conversion section. Go to the click log or the conversion log.

  2. Select a filter.

  3. Select a condition to compare.

  4. Select a comparison operator. The LIKE operator compares by a substring match, the = operator compares by a complete match.

  5. Enter a value to compare.

  6. Add multiple comparison conditions if needed.

  7. Save the added filter via the Apply button. Then click Apply on the main control panel to apply the filter.

- Added groupings on main tabs.

Added groupings for all main tabs, similar to the already existing groupings in reports / trends.

- Added drilldowns.

Drilldown - dive into the data with the details of applied filters and hierarchy from top to bottom.

When a drilldown is applied, the first immersion layer (such as a drilldown campaign) creates a data slice report with the first grouping / filter applied to the data.

When a drilldown is applied, the second immersion layer (for example, selecting data by the second grouping of a campaign) generates a report with a slice of the data to which the first filter is applied, the second filter is applied to the results of the first filter.

When you select different levels of groupings, a report is generated with the drilldown already applied.

- Added UTC filter.

The filter is available for all main tabs and reports, except for the Conversions tab.

- Added statistics comparison function.

  1. Select the time span for the statistics slice.

  2. Select the time span to compare with the slice.

  3. Add comparison columns in the statistics display settings.

- Changed timeframe filter.

Added the ability to select a time span not only by dates, but also by hours.

- Added new text filters on main tabs.

- Added function to return object by pixel in additional campaign settings.

JavaScript pixel renders code with object initialization. This object contains cid.

Initializes a PeerclickTrk object of the form

document.PeerclickTrk = { 
"cid": "*",
"datapc": "*",
"lcpc": "*"

- Changed row selection logic.

Multiple selection of lines is done via CTRL button.

- Added Fraud details for CSV export in reports.

An Anti-fraud option appears in the column selection list.


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