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Redirect from a Lander to an Offer without Cookies
Redirect from a Lander to an Offer without Cookies

If a lander-to-offer link doesn't redirect

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There are devices that do not support cookies files, and some functions such as redirecting a user from a landing page to an offer via a lander-to-offer link may stop working.

In such cases, set up a lander link with the transfer of the necessary information through parameters instead of cookies.

- Add to your lander link {addparamsforpeer}.

After clicking on the campaign link, this macro will be replaced with 2 parameters in the URL: lcpc и datapc.

These parameters must be passed to the redirect link from the lander to the offer. You place redirect links to the offer of the following type on your landing page:

When using this type of redirect, you will not have access to functionality based on the use of cookies (smart rotation, determining the uniqueness of a visit).

If you are using PHP, these parameters can be obtained from the global array $ _GET and later, when rendering this link, attach these parameters to the link.

If you use JS, these parameters can be obtained from window.location and the event of switching to the offer link can be caught, after that you substitute the parameters obtained from window.location.

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