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Update 03.11.2021
Update 03.11.2021

Changelog 03.11.2021

Updated over a week ago

- Added the ability to send postbacks to the source using multiple links.

Set the additional postback similar to the standard postback settings.

Also, one additional postback can be set in the campaign settings.

! If you set a postback both in the campaign settings and in the source settings, the tracker will send both postbacks.

- Added criteria (rules) for sending postbacks to the source.

In the source settings, find the section for additional postback settings:

In the opened settings, find the Criteria section:

When adding a criterion, the following window will appear:

Adding and configuring the criteria for sending a postback is similar to configuring redirection rules.

- Added the ability to remove tags from the drop-down list of the search field.

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