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Users Roles and Their Interaction with Workspaces
Users Roles and Their Interaction with Workspaces
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PeerClick users fall into two categories: main user and multi-user.

The main user is the owner of the account. The multi-user can be an Admin or a Worker.

  • Account owner: The account owner who has access rights to all information and elements.

  • Admin: Partners invited by the account owner who will collaborate with all users and track the performance of campaign sequences across all workspaces. Administrators also have full access to all PeerClick elements and most settings, with the exception of those related to payment details.

  • Worker: Users who manage and maintain the campaign funnels. Workers are users who are assigned to one or more workspaces and who do not have permissions outside of this workspace. For example, they cannot access campaign elements that are assigned to a different private workspace. They can use elements from the public workspace, but they cannot modify them. They also have limited access to PeerClick settings.

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