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Update 21.01.2022
Update 21.01.2022

Changelog 21.01.2022

Updated over a week ago

- Added custom columns to the statistics table settings.

To add a custom column, go to the statistics table settings.

1. In the window that opens, select the Create custom column option.

2. Give the column a name.

3. Select the format of the displayed value:

  • Decimal (the column value is displayed with the default number of decimal places for the statistics table)

  • Monetary (the value of the column is assigned the currency)

  • Percentage (column value * 100)

4. Set the formula by which the data will be calculated using the calculator and available existing columns in the field below.

5. Save the custom column.

- Added Fraud Type column to Click Log and Conversion Log.

1. To display a column in the statistics table, go to the table settings.

2. Select the Fraud Type column.

3. Save the changes.

- Added grouping by fraud details in the API.

Added grouping (groupBy) for the GET /report method by fraud details.

- Added a universal button for creating elements.

Creation of any tracker element is available on any tab with the Create button.

To create an element:

1. Click Create.

2. Select the required element from the drop-down menu.

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