Token Hashing (Tokens in MD5 Format)
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This functionality allows you to anonymize the values ​​passed in the token. Hashing replaces the value of the token with a hashed value that cannot be read by the recipient.

If the same value occurs in the token, it will be replaced by the same hashed value.

!There is a small but non-zero chance that different values ​​will have the same hashed value.

!Hashing is not encryption, so it cannot be undone. If you pass a hashed value in the offer URL and then set it to be received back in the postback, then in the statistics you will receive an unhashed value when clicking on the offer URL, and a hashed value when registering a conversion (when receiving a postback).

Displaying Tokens in MD5 Format

To enable display of tokens in MD5 format:

1. Make a campaign / source report.

2. Select the tokens you need.

3. Mark the MD5 checkbox.

Transferring Tokens in MD5 Format

To transfer data in MD5 format to the affiliate network:

Specify the corresponding macro in the offer link / affiliate network template as ?affnetwork_parameter={tokenN_md5} or ?affnetwork_parameter={token_md5:token_name}.

Where the token from the source setting:

Is added to the offer link as a {tokenN_md5} or {token_md5:token_name} macro:

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