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If you run many campaigns that share the same conversion funnel, then you can use the flow system.

A flow is a campaign path template.

The created flow can be applied to several campaigns at the same time. Changing the settings for traffic distribution in a flow will be applied to all campaigns that use this flow.

Creating a Flow

Go to the Flows section and click the + New button.

1. Flow name

Specify a flow name.

2. Multi-users

Click on the field and in the appeared window add multi-users who will have access to the created flow. This setting is only available for accounts without workspaces.

3. Tags

Add custom tags to optimize the search by flows.

4. Campaigns

List of campaigns that use the flow. The traffic for these campaigns will follow the scheme configured on the right side of the flow settings page, instead of the campaign distribution settings.

5. Traffic distribution

On the right side of the page, paths, landing pages, offers, rules are configured similarly to the campaign settings.

Applying a Flow to a Campaign

Applying a flow is only available for Redirect type campaigns with a Path assignment.

To set a flow from campaign settings:

1. Go to campaign settings.

2. Select Destination for Flow instead of Path.

3. On the right side of the screen, click on the flow selection field and select the one you need from the drop-down list.

4. Apply the flow to the campaign by clicking the Convert to path button.

Save the settings.

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