Discover PeerClick

Discover PeerClick

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Peerclick is an advanced, real-time SaaS analytics platform, designed for performance marketers and self-serve advertisers to track the progress and profitability of their online campaigns. The platform is powered by its own database technology that enables the processing of billions of real-time data requests within the blink of an eye.

Peerclick is a cloud-hosted solution, so you can access it with any browser or using our dedicated mobile apps available on Android and iOS. Our proprietary database technology is served via an advanced cloud network of strategically placed data centers.

This extensive and reliable network results in high-speed redirects and significantly reduces the risk of click-loss. The unison of Peerclick’s proprietary DB technology and its dedicated secure cloud network means that large amounts of real-time data is accessible anytime, anywhere. With easily accessible, rich, live data, Peerclick empowers advertisers to seamlessly analyze, optimize and, subsequently, monetize their campaigns.

Peerclick’s network security is covered by the same encryption and authentication methods that are prevalent within global financial systems. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that one of data centers experiences some downtime, all traffic will then be redirected to the nearest data center, meaning that your campaigns are always live and clicking.

The robust infrastructure provides endless scalability for all traffic types, regardless of the traffic volumes.

Started for Affiliate and Solo marketers:

  • Gets their offers from third party affiliate networks such as MostBet

  • Gets traffic from ad networks such as PropellerAds

  • Tracks visits using a redirect method since it allows them to rotate landers and use rule-based paths

  • Tracks conversions using a postback URL, because most affiliate networks support this solution

Started for Agencies

  • Promotes offers for their customers

  • Uses a platform with global reach such as Google Ads

  • Tracks visits using a direct method as Google doesn't allow for redirects

  • Tracks conversions using either a postback URL or conversion tracking pixel, depending on what is available on the customer side.

Started for for Ecommerce and In-house marketer

  • Promotes their own offers

  • Uses paid social traffic source such as Facebook

  • Tracks visits using a direct method as Facebook doesn't allow for redirects

  • Uses conversion tracking pixel to track conversions, as own offers don't have a postback solution implemented.

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