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Update 22.06.2020
Update 22.06.2020

Changelog 22.06.2020

Updated over a week ago

- Meet JS website protection! Now the website protection set-up is as easy as could be.

  1. Select a redirect mode as To rule or To URL in website protection campaign type.

  2. Choose a custom domain in JS script section. Keep in mind that website protocol and selected domain protocol must match.

  3. Copy JS pixel and set like a tracking pixel to your LP HTML code.

- Added new campaign setting Campaign Type: choose Campaign Type according to your funnel logic. Read more here.

  1. Choose Redirect if you track through the PeerClick's campaign URL. Within this option you can rotate both, landers and offers, in your campaign..

  2. Choose Direct if you track through direct tracking URL and pixel without an initial redirect. Lander rotation is not supported, but you can still rotate offers in your campaign.

  3. Choose Website Protection if you need to pass moderation with substituting of content that does not pass this moderation for sure.

- Added new campaign section Tracking: all the tracking links and pixels related to the campaign in the one place for more convinient work.
Read more here.

- Added domain parking validating: all added custom domains verify for CName at Settings - Domains section.

- Tracking pixels update: work principe is changed.

Previously set pixels are working as well.

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