Offer General Settings

Creating a new offer and editing a created offer

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Offer - your promotional ad that you post on the Internet. The offer link can be taken from an affiliate network or it can be a link to a private ad that you, for example, post on your site.

Creating an Offer

Go to the Offers tab and click the + New button.

An offer setup window will open.

1. Offer name

Enter the name of your offer.

2. Offer URL

Enter the offer link that you intend to promote.

3. Available URL macros

Add affiliate network parameters and corresponding PeerClick macros to the offer URL in the format{clickid}&ip={ip}&key={pr_key}, where:

  • - your offer URL;

  • ? - designation of the end of the offer URL, followed by parameters and their values;

  • cid - parameter;

  • {clickid} - predefined PeerClick macro (passed parameter value);

  • & - ampersand separating different parameters in an address.

When adding tracking parameters to the link, your URL should look like this:


If you have a preset Affiliate Network element, go to step 6 of this manual.

4. Tags

Add custom tags for more convinient search by offers.

5. Multi-users

Additional users with access to this offer. Access control for multi-users is carried out in the Multi-users section. This setting is available only for accounts without workspaces.

6. Affiliate network

Select a predefined affiliate network from the drop-down list. When you select an affiliate network template, the tracking parameters for the offer link and the postback link are automatically substituted.

Read more about predefined and custom affiliate network settings.

7. Group

Set the group to which your lander will belong. Adding groups is carried out in the Settings - Groups section. This setting is available only for accounts without workspaces.

8. Country

The selected country to which you refer the offer will be displayed in the name of this offer. This setting is for information only.

9. Postback URL

A s2s link that is inserted into the appropriate settings section on the side of your affiliate network. By this link your affiliate network will send information that the tracker receives in the Logs - Input Postback Log section.

There can be 5 parameters in a Postback URL:

  • userid: PeerClick five-digit user ID. It is inserted into the postback link template automatically.

  • cid: transfer Click ID (unique click value assigned by the tracker) to PeerClick. The parameter is required to track registered events.

  • payout: transfer the amount of revenue per conversion (optional).

  • status: track various conversion statuses (optional).

  • txid: transmit a unique transaction ID for each conversion (optional).

Your postback URL should look like this:


10. Payout

Select the type of payment that will be displayed in the statistics as the Payout column.

  • Auto: The tracker receives information about payout through a postback from an affiliate network.

  • Upsale: Payout coming from the affiliate network by one cid is summed up.

  • Manual: Manually entered payout value that is not affected by the information about payout sent from the affiliate network. If the network sent a postback with payout = 10, and you manually set payout value = 8, the payout value in the tracker of this conversion will be set to 8.

11. Conversion cap

Also known as Daily cap. Daily conversion / visit limit for this offer.

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