Predefined Traffic Source Settings
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A traffic source is any platform that generates visitors to refer to your campaign funnel. Traffic sources can be different: publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, Facebook or Google, etc.

Creating a Traffic Source

Go to the Sources section, click + New.

A traffic source setup window will open.

1. Use the filter system or the search field to select the desired source. If the list of trusted sources you need is missing, you can add it manually.

2. Click Add.

3. Load from templates

Return to the previous window.

4. Traffic source name

The name of your traffic source. You can edit it as needed. This name is displayed in the statistics table in the Source column.

5. For affiliates

Marking the traffic source for the Affiliate Panel campaign.

6. Traffic source postback URL

A link with already correlated source parameters and PeerClick macros, by which the postback about the conversion to the traffic source is sent.

7. Pixel redirect URL

Link for sending postback pixel conversions to a traffic source when the s2s postback link is not supported by the traffic source. Read more about Pixel redirect URL.

8. Multi-users

Click on the field and in the window that appears add multi-users who will have access to the source. This setting is available only for accounts without workspaces.

9. Parameters

Accepted source macros. Displayed in the report in groupings Tokens (V1 - Vn).

You can add additional parameters yourself. Specify the required parameter in the TokenN cell in the format peerclick_parameter={source_macro}:

Click Create traffic source to complete the configuration.

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