SSL for Domain
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You can establish an encrypted connection between the server and your web browser by enabling Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for your custom domain.

SSL cannot be enabled for test domains. To enable SSL you have to add your own custom domain.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to the Domains section.

3. Click Enable SSL.

We reserve the right not to issue a certificate.

4. In the action confirmation window, check the box for accepting the conditions, having previously read them. PeerClick terms and conditions

5. The Enable SSL button will change the status to Waiting SSL. A certificate is automatically issued within 30 minutes. If the certificate is not issued for any reason, it may take up to 3 business days to manually issue the certificate.

6. Upon issuing the certificate, the SSL icon will change from a gray open lock to a green closed one.

7. If necessary, disable the certificate, click Disable SSL.

8. For each tariff, the amount of SSL available is different. This section displays the number of SSL issued / the number of available SSL on your plan.

  • If you use the landing + offer in the campaign funnel, it is recommended to use one connection protocol for the campaign link and lander-to-offer URL.

  • If you use tracking pixels, the domain protocol used in the pixel must match the protocol of the pixel placement page.

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