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How to use a deeplink in PeercLick

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When setting up advertising, for example, on Instagram through the Facebook advertising account, the client will be transferred to the browser, and not to the Instagram application itself.
It turns out that people will go into the void with money. That's because 90% are not logged in to Instagram through a browser.

Deep Linking is a technology due to which clients can move between applications to predefined sections. This is a link that redirects clients to the desired application section on the phone.

You can use the deeplink when creating an offer in PeerClick to create a campaign to track ads with sources such as FB, Instagram, Google AdWords, etc.

When and why use deeplinks?

For example, take Instagram as a source of traffic. Diplinks are used when traffic is being directed to an Instagram profile, or during a test campaign.

You can test different audiences, check the headings and texts of ads, advertising offers and do split tests. When all the tests are carried out and the best connections are revealed, promotion starts through Instagram with an increased budget.

On Android and iOS, deeplinks open differently. Android throws it into the application right away, and iOS shows a window. In which it asks whether to go to the Instagram application or not. The user has about 30 seconds to click “Open” before the profile page starts loading in the browser. When using deeplinks, it’s better to target only Android users, because only about 30% of iPhone users go to the app.

Using Deeplink in PeerClick

Some affiliate networks also provide deeplink generation for their offers.

Save the received diplink as a link of a custom offer. If necessary, add custom tracking parameters to the diplink in the usual format, for example: deep://link?cid={clickid}

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