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Creating a Campaign in PeerClick
Creating a Campaign in PeerClick

An introduction to the PeerСlick tracking platform.

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If you have an offer you want to direct traffic to, you will need a traffic source to advertise on and drive visitors to your offer. The offer promotion process begins at the traffic source and guides visitors along the campaign funnel. Therefore, the campaign should be created in advance. PeerСlick is a platform that enables you to create campaign funnels with landing pages and offers. You can create your own offer or promote an affiliate one. This guide explains how the system works.

Before you start, make sure you have:

  • An active PeerClick account. If you don't have an account yet, sign up using the following link:

  • A traffic source for your first campaign. You can either add a custom traffic source in PeerClick or choose a traffic source from a template.

  • An affiliate offer that you would like to promote.

  • A landing page, if necessary.

This guide consists of 6 steps you should follow to set up your first campaign in PeerClick.

The main purpose of PeerClick in the broadest sense of the word is information management. This information includes:

  • Events: visits, clicks and conversions.

  • Visit characteristics: information generated by a visitor, transmitted from a traffic source or received by PeerClick on its own: country, device information, cost, payouts, etc.

This information is collected, recorded and transmitted to PeerClick to gain insight into the performance of your campaigns and further optimize them.

1. Create Affiliate Network

1. Go to the tab.

2. Click +New on the left side of the dashboard.

3. Use filters or search field to find the required affiliate network.

4. If you are using an affiliate network that is not on the list, you can create it yourself by selecting Create custom template.

5. Click Add.

6. Set up S2S conversion tracking between PeerClick and your affiliate network. In PeerClick, Copy the postback URL. Paste the postback URL on the affiliate network platform side.

7. Click Create an Affiliate Network. Read more about Affiliate Networks settings.

Repeat these steps if you need to add several affiliate networks.

2. Create Traffic Source

1. Go to the Sources tab.

2. Click +New.

3. Use filters or search field to find the required affiliate network.

4. If you are using a traffic source that is not on the list, you can create it yourself by selecting the Create custom template option.

5. Click Add.

6. Macros necessary for transferring such values as ad ID, campaign ID, zone ID, etc. will be automatically filled out while loading the template if you use the traffic source template offered by PeerClick. If you set up your own traffic source, you need to find this information in the traffic source's documentation.

7. Save the traffic source by clicking Create Traffic Source. Read more about Traffic Source settings.

Repeat these steps if you need to add several traffic sources.

3. Create Offer

In your affiliate network account, go to the offers section. We use Adsimilis affiliate network as an example.

1. Choose the offer you want to promote. We use Beauty Boxes Sweeps [US] in this example.

2. Choose the offer from the list by clicking on it. Ask for approval, if required. Once you get approval, the offer settings will become available to you.

3. Go to the Creatives section.

4. Copy the offer URL to the clipboard.

5. In PeerClick, go to the Offers tab.

6. Click +New.

7. Give a name to your offer in the Name field.

8. Paste the offer URL that you have copied from the affiliate network in the Offer URL field.

9. Click Create an offer to add the offer to PeerClick. Read more about Offer settings.

4. Create Lander

You can add a landing page as a part of your campaign funnel, if required.

1. Go to the Landers tab.

2. Click +New.

3. Give a name to your landing page in the Lander name field.

4. Insert the URL of your landing page in the Lander URL field.

5. Copy the first link and place it into the landing page’s HTML code if your lander is linked to one offer only.

6. Copy the second URL if your landing page is linked to two or more offers in your campaign funnel. In this case, replace N with the number your offer has in the campaign path. This enables the tracker to count the number of clicks (transitions from the landing page to the offer page) and include this data for calculation in formulas.

7. Click Create Lander. Read more about Lander settings.

5. Сreate Campaign

1. Go to the Campaigns tab.

2. Click +New.

3. Give a name to your campaign in the Campaign name field.

4. From the Traffic source drop-down menu select the traffic source that you have previously created.

5. Select the cost model in the Cost type section. If you have selected to track costs with one of the four cost models (CPC, CPM, CPA, RevShare), you might need to provide the cost value in the Number of cost field. You can update the values you set at any moment using the Update cost function.

6. If you want to use a lander, click on + Add lander and choose from the drop-down menu.

7. Choose Direct linking if you don’t want to use a lander page.

8. Click + Offer to choose offers from the list.

6. Launch Campaign

Copy the generated campaign link at the Tracking section.

This link is inserted instead of the offer link received from the affiliate network or advertiser, when creating a campaign in a traffic source.

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