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Update 31.08.2021
Update 31.08.2021

Changelog 31.08.2021

Updated over a week ago

- Added workspaces.

1. In the Settings section go to the Collaboration tab.

2. To add a new workspace, click +Add private workspace.

- Added transfer of tokens in MD5 format.

1. Make a campaign / source report.

2. Select the tokens you need.

3.Mark the checkbox MD5.

- Added Daily limit on visits for the offer (Visit cap).

1. In the offer settings, in the Daily cap section, move the slider to the active position to open the settings.

2. Select the limit on visits / clicks for the offer.

3,4. Specify the limit value and time zone.

5. Specify the offer to which traffic will be redirected upon reaching the limit.

6. Save the settings.

- Added the ability to use the {token: token name} macro for out postbacks.

Learn more about the values ​​of the available macros here.

- Optimized input postback logs.

Increased sampling speed for more convenient work.

- Added search field in a series of drop-down lists.

- Added new currencies to set up account currency, cost currency and offer currency.

- Added copying of blacklist criteria for Website Protection campaigns.

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