Website Protection JS Mode
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Before start, make sure you have read about Website Protection General Settings.

1. In the General campaign settings, select 301 redirect for users as To rule (set a redirect rule for users) or To URL (in the field that appears, specify the site URL that will only be displayed to users).

Website Protection JS mode is not available for Without redirect setting.

2. Go to the Website Protection tab.

3. Select a pre-added custom domain for pixel generation. How to add a custom domain.
4. Copy JS pixel and paste the copied code to the website HTML code, Head section.

The connection protocol (http or https) of the pixel must match the connection protocol of the page where it is located. If you put a pixel with the http protocol on a landing / offer with the https protocol (or vice versa), tracking will not be performed.

The pixel connection protocol depends on the SSL of your domain. How to get SSL.


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