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- Why is the direct tracking pixel / postback pixel not working?

Steps to check installed pixel:

- The domain used in pixels must match the domain selected in the campaign.

- The domain used in pixels must be parked, must not be banned / not paid.

- The protocol of the page (HTTP / HTTPS) where the pixel is installed must be the same as the protocol of the pixel.

- To register a conversion by a postback pixel, a visit must be registered before reaching the page with the postback pixel installed (clicking on a campaign link or clicking on a landing page with a direct tracking pixel installed).

- How to make a pixel with HTTPS protocol?

Tracker links and pixels with HTTPS protocol are generated on the HTTPS domain selected at the campaign settings.

We do not approve SSL for the test domain. You need to add a custom domain parked according to this manual.

Select a custom domain with HTTPS protocol as default (all new campaigns will use the default domain) or select it in the specific campaign settings.

The pixel will be generated on the new domain and will have HTTPS protocol.

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