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Domains / SSL
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- What does “Default domain is for testing purposes only and should not be used” mean?

A standard domain is provided to create first test campaigns.

To run a real campaign, you need to add a custom domain, because the test one is used by all users, and that’s why it can be banned at any time.

- How many additional custom domains can be added to my account?

The number of custom domains is limited depending on the tariff:

Basic+ - 5 additional domains with SSL;

Advanced - 10 additional domains with SSL;

Exclusive - 20 additional domains with SSL.

- Invalid domain error

For the domain specified in the panel, the Cname record is not found.

You need to park the domain according to the instructions below, then add a domain name (including a subdomain name) and click Verify DNS settings to revalidate the domain.

- Domain is parked, but the panel shows an Invalid domain error

1. Perhaps a domain is specified without a subdomain name. You need to add a full record of the parked domain (, then revalidate it via Verify DNS settings.

2. The panel does not validate the domain because it still does not pass Cname verification. It is necessary to remove the proxying of the subdomain (in Cloudflare - turn off the orange cloud against the Cname record), then try to revalidate the domain.

3. Problems with settings propagation time. It can take up to 24 hours, although this is usually less than a couple of minutes. Try to revalidate the domain later.

- How to revalidate a domain?

Go to the Settings - Domains section.

Make sure the domain is parked correctly and click Verify DNS settings button settings next to the domain name.

- How to get SSL for a custom domain?

A SSL request is made according to this manual.

- How to get SSL for a test domain?

We do not approve SSL for the test domain.

You need to add a custom domain, parked according to this manual.

Then request for SSL according to this manual.

- How to speed up SSL approval?

A certificate is automatically issued within 30 minutes. If the certificate is not issued for any reason, it may take up to 3 business days to manually issue the certificate.

To speed up the approving your request contact the technical support service (office hours from 10:00 to 19:00 | Mon - Fri | (Time zone: CET).

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