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Statistics / Tracking
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- How to set up a postback?

- How to check postback settings?

- For affiliate networks - make a test conversion (click the campaign link and follow the funnel until the conversion is done) and check the Input postback log. The postback status must be ‘success’.

Please note that some affiliate networks prohibit making test conversions considering it as a fraud action. Contact your affiliate network to clarify for making a test conversion manually or by your request.

- For traffic sources - make a test conversion via the affiliate network or manually in the tracker. In the Out postback log, a record of the postback sent to the source should appear.

- How to check the traffic source parameter transfer setting?

Run test traffic from a traffic source (one visit is enough) and see campaign statistics by making a report by tokens. Instead of an empty macro, there should be a value passed by the source.

- ‘Too many reports’ error / why can't a report be made?

The Too many reports error occurs when you try to create more than 20 tabs with reports at the same time, this is the limit for reports, regardless of the tariff. Close a couple of reports.

If all reports are needed, they can be saved in bookmarks.

- How to track impressions?

We do not track impressions. Available events are visits, clicks, conversions.

- What is an event?

- Why are there no visits in the tracker?

1. Traffic at the source side was launched not to the campaign link (the campaign link can be found in the campaign edit - Tracking section - Campaign URL).

2. The domain used in the campaign is unavailable (banned, not parked, not paid).

- Why does the page show an error when clicking on a campaign link?

1. The link of the landing page / offer specified in the campaign does not work on a direct transition (for example, the affiliate program has closed the offer).

2. The domain used in the campaign is unavailable (banned, not parked, not paid).

3. The campaign is paused (after clicking on a campaign link it shows the error “This flow wasn’t found”).

To unpause a campaign, just click on the red icon.

- Why are there no clicks in the tracker?

1. A visit is a click on a campaign link (in the case of a funnel without a redirect, a transition to a page (landing page or offer) where the direct tracking pixel is installed).

A click is a transfer from a landing page to an offer via a tracker lander-to-offer link.

Accordingly, if you do not have a landing page, you do not have statistics by clicks in the statistics table.

2. The click link (lander-to-offer link) is incorrectly inserted or not inserted.

- Why are there no conversions in the tracker?

1. There’s Wrong cid error in the Input postback log.

Cid (click ID) is a unique click identifier generated by the tracker. You pass it to the affiliate network via the {clickid} macro, then the affiliate network sends the postback with the cid value back to the tracker if the conversion is made.

If you did not transfer the cid to the affiliate network (incorrectly used or didn’t use the {clickid} macro) or incorrectly configured the transfer of the cid back from the affiliate network via the postback link, a wrong cid error occurs in the Input postback log.

2. The Input postback log is empty - the affiliate network did not send a postback about the conversion. Check the postback settings on the affiliate network side.

3. The postback pixel is set incorrectly (for registering conversions by the postback pixel, not via the s2s postback).

- Why are there no conversions in the traffic source?

1. Make sure that the postback was sent to the source, in the Conversions - Out postback log.

If there is a postback record, make sure that the Response code column contains a success code of 200 (which means the source server received the postback), and the Response column, which records the response from the source server, does not contain information about error preventing the source from registering the conversion.

2. If the source server in the Response column gave a message about an empty cid, then the conversion registration in the source will not occur.

The reserved parameter External ID is responsible for accepting the source cid. To fix the Empty CID error, the source cid must be sent in the postback.

- Why are there more conversions in the affiliate network than in the tracker?

1. Make sure that the Input postback log shows postbacks records from the affiliate network and they are not with the Wrong cid status.

2. Check Input postback log for duplicate postback records.

The postbacks framed at the screenshot are full duplicates. Duplicates are recorded as one conversion per cid with the value of the last postback that came with that cid.

- Why isn't traffic coming from the source?

Possible reasons:

1. One of the offers / landing pages of the campaign is archived.

2. The campaign is paused.

3. Problems with the domain (unavailable / not parked / not paid).

4. The source has a link to the wrong campaign.

5. Technical problems of the source.

6. Communication problems in the region where the traffic comes from.

7. Technical problems of the tracker.

- What are fraud visits?

Fraud visits are the visits identified as suspicious according to the rules of the Fraud functionality. You can analyze the quality of traffic from the source, as well as change the rules for determining fraud according to your target audience.

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