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If the affiliate network supports s2s postback, you can configure the transmission of different conversion statuses in the postback link. You need:

1. Correlate the statuses that the affiliate network sends and the tracker receives.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to the Statistics section.

3. Statuses scheme

- E-commerce scheme: preset of statuses group Hold (waiting for confirmation from the affiliate network), Sale, Reject (refusal).

- Subscription scheme: preset of statuses group Start (new subscription), Rebill (repeated payment), Buy out (ransom), Stop (stop / unsubscribe).

The names of the status scheme are informative.

4. Accepted statuses
In the corresponding field, write down the status values ​​that the affiliate program sends. If the value is already present in the field, you do not need to re-register it.

For example, you use the E-commerce scheme with three types of statuses, the sales status that the affiliate network sends is lead. Write the status lead in the Sale field.

5. Group status names
The names can be edited if necessary. By changing one of these values, the setting will apply to all of your traffic sources.

When setting up the s2s postback to the source, you can select the {conversion} or {} macro to transfer the conversion status.

- The {conversion} macro will send the affiliate network status to the source, which is specified in the corresponding field of the status group.

- The {} macro will send the name of the status group to the source.

6. Conversion registration time reporting

In the Conversions - Input postback logs section, the information sent by the affiliate network is recorded. If the sent postback has the status Success, an entry appears in the Conversions section.
Select a method for recording conversion time:

- Visit timestamp: visit time, which is specified as part of the Click ID record. (mark 1 on the screenshot)

- Postback timestamp: time of arrival of the first postback to the Input postback log. (mark 2 on the screenshot)

2. Add status macro to postback link

Add the affiliate network's macro, which is responsible for transferring the conversion status, to the status parameter in the postback link

The postback link is taken from the settings of the offer or affiliate network in PeerClick and inserted into the corresponding section of the settings on the affiliate network's side.

Conversions with different statuses are displayed in different columns of the statistics table. The Conversions column displays the total amount of conversions with all statuses.

If the affiliate network has sent 3 conversions per Click ID with the same or different statuses, it will record 1 conversion. In the Input postback logs there will be 3 postback records from the affiliate network, in Conversions - the last incoming log from the affiliate network.

To make 3 conversions for 3 input logs with different statuses for one Click ID, you need to configure the txid parameter in the postback link.

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